How to Recover from Bullying

Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It
A Guide to Recovery from Bullying

Bullied: The Book Hailed as "a definitive guide to bullying" by Kathleen Shannon of NBC-TV's "207," Bullied is a guide to emotional intelligence for teens and adults who have been bullied or emotionally abused.

Whether you're being bullied at school, in the workplace, or in your family, Bullied will help you understand the problem, cope with the situation, manage your feelings, and regain your self-esteem.

When someone has been bullied, chances are they have a lot of upsetting feelings. And when someone is a bully, they are simply acting out their overwhelming emotions on someone else. There is a simple way to manage these feelings and express them in healthy ways, and Bullied can help.

"For anyone who ever found themselves at the mercy of a bully, Mayfield's latest offering is definitely a book to have front and center on your shelves."Nashua Telegraph

In many societies, it's not "proper" to express feelings in public. Yet everyone has feelings, and they're a very basic part of our human nature. It's absolutely normal to have feelings, but when they are intense and overwhelming, we need to learn emotional intelligence skills to help us manage emotions so we feel more balanced.

Bullied also includes stories from others who were bullied and took steps to recover from the trauma, quotes from famous people, and resources you can explore to help you restore your self-esteem and create more of what you want in your life.

“I dearly wish this book had been available to me, my family, and my school when I was growing up.”
—Michelle Baker, author of the Foreword and Director of Education of Blaze My Trail Youth Programs

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