Bullied: The Book

Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michelle Baker, Director of Education, Blaze My Trail Youth Program

Bullied: The Book Part 1 – How Bullying Affects Your Feelings and Self-Image
How bullying affects you inside
The issue of trust
Why kids become bullies
When parents are bullies
Feelings are absolutely normal

Part 2 – How to Feel Better: The Four-Step Plan for Recovering
Four simple steps to help you feel better
Sadness, Despair, or Depression—Feeling Like There’s No Hope
How food allergies and color can affect our feelings
Summary of the four steps
How to ask for help
If you’re thinking about suicide / Hotlines to ask for help
If you just feel numb
How to raise your self-esteem and feel more confident

Part 3 – Coping with Bullies
Tips for coping with bullies
What to do if a teacher or coach is bullying you
When a friend becomes a bully

Part 4 – For Bullies: If you feel so bad that you just want to hurt someone

Part 5 – Interviews: How to Recover from Bullying
Michelle Baker, Director of Education, Blaze My Trail Youth Program
Amy Wood, Psy.D., inspirational speaker and author of Life Your Way
Kathi Dezenzo, Clinical Social Worker and mother of two boys
Matt Posner, Author of School of the Ages and New York City Teacher

Suggestions for Teachers
Helpful Resources and Links (see also Hotlines on pages 39-40)
About the Author

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