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Online Memoir-Writing Class with Katherine Mayfield

Memoir is one of the hottest-selling genres in the book world.
Writing If you’ve ever thought about writing and publishing your memoir, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Katherine Mayfield, author of the award-winning memoir, The Box of Daughter: Healing the Authentic Self, teaches memoir classes throughout the Northeast U.S., and offers a six-week e-class on writing memoir for writers who live elsewhere. You can learn how to write memoir from the comfort of your home!

"Your suggestions and encouragement
have been of inestimable value to me."
—Dave A.

This e-class is based on Katherine’s book: What’s Your Story? A Quick Guide to Writing Your Memoir, and offers you the opportunity for individual feedback on your writing. In addition to being an author, Katherine has more than 20 years’ experience as a writing coach, editor, and developmental editor. You don’t even need to buy the book—Katherine will provide the chapters to read along with handouts and examples.

Worried about the time commitment? You can go at your own pace, in whatever way makes you most comfortable. You can take six months to do the class if you like! There are no deadlines, and no tests. Each class is based on a chapter of What’s Your Story?, and Katherine will give you an assignment each week to complete, offering feedback, comments, and encouragement on your writing to help make it more compelling and readable.

"Thank you for your guidance in this process. I truly appreciate it!"
—Mimi G.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • The best way to choose a theme
  • The importance of reflection
  • How to make your writing more compelling
  • How to “show” instead of “telling”
  • Firing your inner critic so you can write with complete freedom
  • Specific techniques for writing memoir
  • How to publish and market your memoir once it’s finished

You can sign up and begin anytime. The fee for the six-week class is $200, which includes the book chapters, assignments, and personalized feedback on your work.

If you want to write a memoir, this class is for you! For more information, contact Katherine here. If you'd like to sign up now, click on the PayPal button below to get started. You will receive a confirmation email and a syllabus for the class upon payment.

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