Bullied: The Book

Reviews of Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside
and What to Do About It

Bullied: The Book

“Bullied gently gives readers many of the tools to start pulling themselves out of a situation that can appear hopeless. Mayfield covers why kids become bullies, what to do when parents or teachers are the bullies, and tips for when a student gets so mad he or she feels tempted to hurt someone.” —Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine

"For anyone who ever found themselves at the mercy of a bully, Mayfield's latest offering is definitely a book to have front and center on your shelves."
Nashua Telegraph

"Mayfield connects with young people in simple, powerful, and personal ways. Helping teens and tweens understand what bullying feels like on the inside, she gently guides them through a four-step plan for regaining emotional health. In less than 100 pages, this book can help teens through the challenge of being a bullying victim as well as understand how their own anger can inadvertently cause them to become a bully."PsychologyToday.com

“Bullying may be the defining issue for young people in America in the 21st century. Katherine Mayfield covers both the bullies in the home and the bullies at school with clarity, empathy, and sincerity. She gives real practical advice of the kind that only one who has survived and transcended the experience is able to give. This is the ideal book for a young person or a supportive parent to read.” —Matt Posner, New York City teacher and co-author of Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships

Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What To Do About It is an intriguing and helpful guide to help those who have been tormented by bullies and those who are bullies themselves....Mayfield’s book offers great solace and encouragement for those who may be lacking in confidence and self-esteem caused by being tormented by those who feel the need to take out their frustrations on others.”—BellaOnline.com

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