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Presentations on Emotional Intelligence, Bullying, and Living Authentically
In connection with her books, Ms. Mayfield has presented at schools, bookstores, and libraries in Maine and New Hampshire, and at the New England Conference of Methodist Ministers, the Mindshift Institute in Northampton, MA, and the Sober in the Sun Festival in Spencer, MA, among others. Subjects include Stop Bullying with Emotional Intelligence, Living Authentically, and Recovery from Emotional Abuse and Bullying.

The information Ms. Mayfield presents is of particular interest to professionals in training in psychology and social service organizations for families and children.

The following presentations can be tailored to conferences, schools, youth groups, and women's events.

Recovery from Emotional Abuse and Bullying: This workshop outlines the steps for recovering from a history of trauma and includes exercises to help participants begin to explore what lies beneath the face they present to the world.

Stop Bullying with Emotional Intelligence:Katherine Mayfield
One of the primary reasons bullies act as they do is that they feel powerless inside, and bully others in order to feel stronger. There is often a well of unexpressed emotion, especially anger, inside a bully, and by learning how to manage emotions, express them in a healthy way, and build self-esteem, bullies are less likely to act out by bullying others.

People who have been bullied also hide the intense pain that results from being bullied or abused, and sometimes believe that suicide is the only way to stop the pain. But there is an alternative: by learning to express these feelings, they can learn to live their lives more authentically and find more fulfillment and happiness.

This workshop explains emotional intelligence and teaches participants how to understand their feelings, express them in healthy ways, and build self-esteem.

Living Authentically: Based on the work of renowned psychologist Alice Miller, this presentation/workshop explores how to reach down into the core of the self to find a more authentic way of living. Exercises can be included along with the presentation for an experiential workshop.

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Writing Workshops
Ms. Mayfield has presented workshops on Writing Your Memoir, Effective Author Presentations, and Selling with Serenity at Maine Authors Publishing in Rockland, ME, and has taught writing classes in memoir, Overcoming Writer's Block, and Unleashing the Writer's Creative Genius.

Schedule Ms. Mayfield for a workshop or event. Subjects for writing conferences include The Art of the Memoir, Overcoming Writer's Block, Selling with Serenity, and Effective Author Presentations. Please note which workshop you're inquiring about in your email.

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