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Dysfunctional Families: The Truth Behind the Happy Family Facade

Are you a victim of Spider Love?
Does your dysfunctional family drain all your energy?

Dysfunctional Families Dysfunctional Families: The Truth Behind the Happy Family Facade is a collection of 45 essays offering reflections on recovering from dysfunctional family dynamics, caregiving, the Drama Addiction, developing self-esteem and learning to live authentically, and spirituality.

This book exposes many of the secrets that hide in dysfunctional families, and also provides a profoundly unique perspective on money problems, clearing clutter, creating your own reality, and more.

The only way to heal from the trauma of dysfunctional family life and discover who we really are is to expose the secrets we grew up with, see through the illusions we were taught, and figure out what’s really true about our families, ourselves, and the world.

Dysfunctional Families can help you:

  • Pinpoint the dysfunctional patterns in your family relationships that cause knee-jerk responses
  • Understand all of your relationships more clearly
  • Break free from the Drama Addiction and find peace
  • Learn how to be there for yourself and take care of your own needs
  • Let go of the "victim mentality" and begin creating the life you want

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When I was caregiving for my elderly parents from 2001 to 2008, I talked with many other caregivers who were trying to cope with dysfunctional family issues at the same time that they had to navigate the difficult experience of caregiving. I started blogging on dysfunctional families because I saw a need for exposing the secrets that we grow up with in our dysfunctional families.

The more clearly we can see the issues, the more authentic we become.

Here are a few of the essays:
Spider Love
Maybe It's Not You
Disobeying the Status Quo
Let Me Have My Own Life, Please
Beyond the Drama Addiction
There is Life After Caregiving
Caregiver Guilt…and All That Jazz
Time to Move On
Taking Care of Yourself
Embrace Your Inner Gargoyle
Retraining Your Brain
Being There for Yourself
Finding Your Own Rhythm
What's Under the Anger Pile?
Letting Go of the Victim Mentality
Getting to the Heart of the Anger
Expect the Best
Clearing the Old Clutter
How to Get More of What You Want
Nourish Your Divinity
Invite Yourself In
Nature’s Music

Feed your soul and learn how to cope with Dysfunctional Families.

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